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  • QCC Resources and Information

    Map of Support Services

    This is a list of most of the support services available to students at QCC, with contact... Read More

    COVID-19 Student Resource List

    This document outlines key supports that can help students navigate the challenges of... Read More

    Find Key Resources at QCC

    This flier outlines key services that students will need to succeed while they are students... Read More

    Mass Teach Flier

    For any students interested in STEM or Education- This flier shows important resources for... Read More

    Workshop on QCC Tutoring Centers

    This recorded workshop covers information on all of the QCC Tutoring Services. Recorded... Read More

    QCC Mentoring Volunteer Workshop

    Please see the flier for QCC Mentoring's Volunteer Workshop: APril 13th at One PM

  • Professional Exploration Exercises

    Compare Resumes Exercise

    This exercise can help guide Mentees and Mentors as they compare resumes, and find some QCC... Read More

    Career Services Handshake Platform

    These instructions outline the best way for students to access our new Career Services... Read More

    Career Exploration Quiz

    In this exercise, as ask the mentee and the mentor to explore the free career exploration... Read More

    NACE Career Readiness Competencies

    This document outlines employer desired skills and qualities for new employees leaving... Read More

    Knowing Your Skills Activity

    Worksheet to help determine which career-readiness skills can be improved and thinking of... Read More

  • Building the Connection Exercises

    Set up an Initial Meeting & Get to Know Your Match

    This document outlines the first exercise for QCC Mentoring. You must click on the Getting... Read More

    End of Year Exercise: Closure

    This series of questions can help guide the last meeting of the academic year, or the last... Read More

    Getting to Know You Exercise

    This is the first exercise for matches which is a pie chart worksheet.

  • General Mentoring Exercises

    Define the Relationship

    After a match is officially completed, Mentees and Mentors can use this guide in their last... Read More

    SMART Goals

    This exercise can help mentees and mentors create SMART goals for future plans. Great for... Read More

    Quick Exercises to Jumpstart or Recharge your Relationship

    QCC Mentoring Participants developed these ideas to get to know their mentee/mentor better,... Read More

    Program Handbook

    This is the program handbook for QCC Mentoring, and has all the information you will need... Read More

    Blueprint for Self-Leadership

    This Worksheet can help guide the mentee and the mentor through developing a blueprint for... Read More

  • Personal Development Exercises

    QCC Mentoring Fillable Goal Sheet

    This sheet should be filled out by the match at the beginning of each semester.

    Overcoming Challenges Exercise

    This exercise can be used to help a Mentee and Mentor identify, evaluate, and plan to... Read More

    Self Care Checklist and Exercise

    For this exercise, we ask Mentees and Mentors to fill out the checklist attached on their... Read More

  • Tools and Documents For Mentors

    Presentation on Mentoring Across Language Differences

    This slide show came from a Mentoring Training held in April 2021. Mentors or Mentees can... Read More

  • Newsletters

    December Newsletter

    Check out the QCC Mentoring December 2021 Newsletter

    November Newsletter

    Please read our Novemeber 2021 Newsletter!

    January 2022 Newsletter

    Please see our newsletter for January 2022, including a link to our time management video!

    ... Read More
    February Newsletter

    Please check out our February Newsletter

    April QCC Mentoring Newsletter

    Newsletter for April 2022

    May 2022 QCC Mentoring Newsletter

    May 2022 QCC Mentoring newsletter and raffle winners

    March Newsletter

    Newsletter and Raffle Winners for March 2022

  • Other

    I Am Story: Getting to Know Match

    “I Am" Story Statements

    The I Am Story Statement Activity is a direct way to tell a story... Read More